Watch Axl Rose’s Cameo Appearance on ‘Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?’

Episode will air Thursday, February 25th on Boomerang Axl Rose stars as an animated version of himself on a new episode of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? When Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby take a road trip down historic Route 66, they encounter a mysterious group of mud men who steal the Mystery Machine. While…Read moreRead more

Juice WRLD’s ‘Conversations’ Video Offers Clips of Promise and Anxiety

The video is capped with footage of a previously unreleased freestyle from the late musician. A new music video for Juice WRLD’s “Conversations” captures the thrill, angst, and potential of the late Chicago rapper’s short life. In the video, Juice WRLD’s raps about his vices are overlaid with scenes of his life on the road…Read moreRead more

The Hold Steady Barrel Through ‘Family Farm’ on ‘Seth Meyers’

Track appears on rock outfit’s most recent album, Open Door Policy The Hold Steady performed their song, “Family Farm” on Late Night With Seth Meyers Monday, February 23rd. The band barreled through the track, which is a classic blast of Hold Steady, alternating between driving guitars and twinkling piano, and accented at just the right…Read moreRead more

Tune-Yards Bring Old-School Kids Show Vibes to ‘Colbert’ With ‘Hold Yourself’ Performance

Track will appear on duo’s upcoming album, Sketchy Tune-Yards delivered a joyous rendition of their recent single, “Hold Yourself,” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday, February 22nd. The performance found Merrill Garbus, Nate Brenner, and their backing band channeling a kind of Seventies children’s show vibe, filling the set with bright monochrome colors….Read moreRead more

An Amazing Days in Lisbon

After the devastating earthquake of 1755, much of Lisbon was rebuilt with a more contemporary structure and facade. Today, you'll see streets and plazas laid in a symmetrical grid style with wide commercial streets that connect to each other up and down the hilly city. Just four miles east of the historic center in Lisbon is the cute neighborhood of Belem. You could easily spend a full day...Read moreRead more

Beautiful Things To Do In Panama

Welcome to Panama! With Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the southeast, Panama tends to get overlooked by travelers. People flock to Costa Rica in massive numbers for waves to ride and hippie vibes, and Colombia for the cute towns, arepas, and perhaps the beautiful women. So, what does Panama have to offer? Not only are there many things to do in Panama that sets it apart from its neighboring countries, but it's cheaper than Costa Rica too! If you're already traveling through Central or South America, it's important to note that while Panama is easily accessible via bus from Costa Rica, it is not safe to travel from Colombia to Panama on land. As an alternative to those visiting from Colombia, you can sail the San Blas Islands in reverse or hop on a quick flight over....Read moreRead more

Costa Rica's Best Hidden Gems & Unique Places to Visit

Costa Rica is a mélange of soaring mountains, volcanoes, beaches, jungles, waterfalls, hot springs- you name it. Every corner of Costa Rica's diverse topography is beaming with natural treasures and hidden gems. There is something for everyone. For this New Yorker, it is a lush respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. A way to re-connect with the outdoors... Costa Rica is where I feel at home with nature! Here is a list of Costa Rica's finest hidden gems from my comprehensive travels around the lovely country. The very best part about Costa Rica, besides its natural wonders, is its Costa Rican people ("los Ticos"). Los Ticos I've encountered have been extraordinarily helpful and selfless people, never once asking for anything in return-Even when I've insisted. In the countryside, Costa Ricans welcomed me into their home for food and coffee and shared the exotic fruits growing in their backyards with me. When I got lost in cities, I was kindly helped by Costa Ricans, almost...Read moreRead more

Egypt Pyramids Tour

Like many other travelers, what drew me to Egypt was the strength and mystery of the Great Pyramids. Why are they there? Who exactly built them? In the minds of many, Egypt is a historical mecca, and a trip to Egypt certainly wouldn't be complete without a visit to such a remarkable site. I've dreamed of going on an Egypt pyramids tour and visiting the Pyramids since I was a little girl. Never did I expect to visit them after having been invited to be a keynote speaker at a large, international conference, and never did I think that I'd have my brother by my side to experience it with me! Like many other cities in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Cairo is a chaotic and bustling metropolis with its own unique charm. And, because of that, it is especially nice to escape the city and...Read moreRead more

Fantastic Things To Do In Singapore

When I was in eighth grade, we learned about unique cultures and customs in history class one day. I vividly remember my teacher saying that in Singapore you couldn't chew gum on the streets; I remember thinking that she was joking. For some reason, that fact always stayed with me. Fast-forward 13 years, and I found myself spending 48 hours trying to check off the coolest things to do in Singapore...and yes, I did remember to spit out my gum before exiting the airport! En route home from Cambodia, I made the last-minute decision to break up my flight time by adding in a Singapore stopover. I quickly learned that it's the absolute perfect stopover spot, as there's just enough to see and do that you'll never be bored, but you certainly won't be rushed either. These seven sites and activities are bound to give you both beautiful views, and a bit of a thrill too! Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest While Gardens of the Bay itself offers free entry, it's so much more than...Read moreRead more

Franconia Ridge

I had thought that Roy's Peak in New Zealand would close out as my toughest hike of the year. As I was hobbling down that mountain after my knee gave out, I thought I'd never have to feel that pain again while on a trail. Wrong. Franconia Ridge summits Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Lafayette in New Hampshire's White Mountains. It is one of the hardest sub-ten mile hikes on the East Coast, but so very rewarding! Start your day early, as this eight-miler surely takes some time! When my brother first told me it'd be eight miles, we thought nothing of it - that's a relatively average length for a day hike, right? Right. No problem. We realized pretty early on that this would be one very steep, very rocky ascent. It was beautiful though, as it was lined with rivers and waterfalls....Read moreRead more

From Buddhas and Stupas to Monasteries and Nunneries

Buddha Point. Perched at a mere 2235 meters (7333 ft) above sea level overlooking the Thimphu valley, it is a newly-constructed (and still under construction) vast plaza of statues, temples, and decorative elements. The highlight is a gigantic bronze-plated Buddha. At 51.5m (169 ft) it is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world. The plaza is surrounded by 108 (a lucky number in Buddhism) goddess statues, and the interior temple contains 2500 small Buddhas. Memorial Stupa. In Buddhism a stupa is a small, white, round devotional shrine typically about ten feet high in Bhutan. Our...Read moreRead more

Fun Things To See and Do In Butler County

Whether you're looking for the great outdoors, quaint towns steeped in history, or a thriving food and beverage scene, you won't be at a loss of options when visiting Butler County Pennsylvania. Located in the rural suburbs of Pittsburgh, Butler County is the perfect escape from city life; from the hiking trails and historical houses to the microbreweries and eateries, Butler County certainly has something for everyone. Take a step back in time in Harmony It's becoming harder and harder to find towns that remain untouched by industrial growth, and yet Harmony has managed to find a way to...Read moreRead more

Hiking to the Dazzling Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Ready to combine some spectacular views with a good climb? Grand Teton National Park has it all. With different trails ranging from easy to strenuous, and spanning over 200 miles, we simply couldn't accomplish all of the Grand Teton hikes in just three days...but I certainly found my favorite! Whenever possible, I like to get off the beaten path, which is why rather than hiking to the...Read moreRead more

How to Travel Like a Local in Cuba

Traveling like a local in Cuba is either an oxymoron, legally impossible, or will require a lot of time, patience, and humility. So while you may not be able to travel like a "local Cuban" 100%, there are a few ways to get a little closer to the local way of traveling. Camiones/Hitchhiking in Cuba ("Pidiendo Botella") This is my favorite way to get around because you don't have to plan it ahead of time and it's one of the most affordable ways. You usually go to a long distance bus station and wait around for the trucks or big buses to drive by. They will yell which way there are going, and you yell or wave frantically for them to notice and stop for you. This is how I got from Las Tunas to Havana for. And it's how I got into a bus from Bay of Pigs to Havana for $1. You cannot book this ahead of time. The other option is straight hitchhiking (which is very similar), you wait by the main highways (autopistas) where you'll see lots of Cubans waiting around for a bus, truck, or...Read moreRead more

Istanbul Highlights: Unique Experiences You Can't Miss

Istanbul, formerly known as Byzantium and later Constantinople, is one of the world's greatest cities. Spanning across two continents (Europe and Asia), Istanbul has been situated at a crossroad of civilizations for thousands of years. As such, today it is rich in cultural influences, impactful history, and majestic beauty. And with so much to see and things to do in Istanbul, you may wonder: which are the more unique experiences and unmissable activities in Istanbul? The Best Thing to Do in Istanbul: Cookistan's Turkish Cooking Class One of the easiest ways to explore the local culture is through food. And what better way to culturally immerse yourself (while eating delicious Turkish food) than at a cooking class? Cookistan is owned by two Turkish women and run out of their...Read moreRead more

Jarabacoa Travel Guide

Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic is located at the foot of the majestic Dominican Alps. An area often overlooked by tourists, most of whom come to the Dominican Republic seeking beach towns or resorts. Thus, the mountain town of Jarabacoa has retained a quaint and underrated beauty, encapsulating an almost spiritual ambiance. With its dark pine trees and lush forests; tall mountains and rejuvenating waterfalls; freshwater rivers and cool hikes- there are endless things to do in Jarabacoa. Jimenoa I Waterfall They say Jimenoa I Waterfall is where Jurassic Park was filmed (although Kiskeya Life argues otherwise). This is a beautiful waterfall at the corner of massive rock formations that look almost unworldly. Before the hike to this waterfall, you will pass an interesting bean plantation and have a chance to overlook the waterfall from the very top of the lively green hills. Just this beautiful view from the entrance to the start of the hike is well worth the visit. It's a...Read moreRead more

Perfect Day Trips from Las Vegas

Travelers worldwide flock to the lights and grandeur of the Las Vegas Strip. With its luxurious hotels, swanky clubs, and fabulous shows, those who visit rarely leave disappointed. However, others who look past the glitzy glamour will find an entirely different experience. Around Las Vegas, visitors can hike, kayak, attend festivals, and much more. Red Rock Canyon Upon arriving at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, stop first at the visitor center. Spend some time looking at the exhibits and outdoor amphitheater. The amphitheater overlooks the red rocks of the Calico Basin from a distance. Return to your vehicle and begin the 13-mile scenic loop drive. Take numerous stops for photo ops of deep canyons and tall mountains. Boulder City Boulder City grew as the Hoover Dam...Read moreRead more

Refreshing Day Trips From NYC

Woodstock, New York Hands down, one of the best small New York towns to visit near NYC. Although the town has been famed for the historic Woodstock Festival (which actually took place in Bethel), Woodstock still offers the friendly hippie vibes, a unique art scene, and that charming 60s culture. When I first entered Woodstock, I stumbled upon a circle of drummers playing music, and seconds later one of them invited us to play with them. Woodstock is also a wonderful place to connect with friendly locals. Waterfalls & Hikes: Go hiking in one o the many nearby trails or waterfalls such as...Read moreRead more

Road Tripping through Switzerland

Alps. When you hear that word you think of two things: Switzerland and the Matterhorn. I have always wanted to explore Switzerland in depth, especially because of my love for the outdoors, but the opportunity never arose. Lavertezzo Leaving Zurich Airport, drive south to Lavertezzo. Our first goal was the Ponte Romano on the Verzasco River, which has the most incredible emerald green water! The bridge spanning the river is a beautiful sight. Constructed entirely of stone in the 17th century, it has a very unique feature - double arches. It also has a second name - Ponte dei Salti (Bridge of Jumps). Nearly forty feet above the river, it challenges daredevils to leap from the top of an arch into the deepest part of the river. Val Bavona Next we drove to Cascada dei Foroglio - an 80...Read moreRead more

Special Reasons to Visit Laguna de Oviedo in Jaragua National Park

Located in the Southwest Dominican Republic, 5 hours from Santo Domingo by car, is the uniquely hypersaline lake: Laguna de Oviedo in the Jaragua National Park. Laguna de Oveido is part of a protected Biosphere Reserve and listed as an important area for bird conservation and biodiversity (for land, plants, and animals- many which are exclusively only found here) as well as a wetland of high,...Read moreRead more

The Best of the Badlands Hiking Trails

After researching South Dakota national parks, I discovered the Badlands hiking trails within Badlands National Park. The best part is that Badlands National Park is just an hour from Rapid City, which is where we made home base for our visit to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the Badlands. Where are the Badlands? How many times has someone asked you, "Where are the Badlands?" Let me...Read moreRead more

Things to Do in Belgrade

Republic Square. Republic Square is the central meeting point within Belgrade. It's recognized by the oldest statue in Belgrade, a statue of Prince Michael who liberated Belgrade and the surrounding Serbian cities from the Ottoman Empire in 1867. He then went on to help with the cultural development of the city, having developed the National Museum and National Theater. Prior to World War II, the square was called Theater Square, as Serbia was still a dynasty. It wasn't until after WWII that Tito declared Yugoslavia a Republic that Republic Square got its name. Skardarlija. Skardarlija...Read moreRead more

Things To Do On Your Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip

Where is the Blue Ridge Parkway? The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles long, crossing from Virginia to North Carolina; it connects Shenandoah with the Great Smoky Mountains. The parkway hugs the southern and central Appalachians, which is one of the many reasons why a Blue Ridge Parkway is an absolute must. Elk Knob Begin this hike early because, if you don't, you will find yourself on quite...Read moreRead more

Top Best Things to Do in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

I initially meant to stop in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for a few days on my way to see the rest of the African region. Instead, I unexpectedly spent almost two weeks here recharging, making new friends, catching up on work, and of course, exploring. Bulawayo proved to be more than just the perfect jumping point/transit hub on my solo Southern Africa backpacking trip. With its wide tree-lined streets, charming architecture, and the tranquil and rustic feel of the city, once I gave Bulawayo a chance it was hard to let it go. As the second-largest city in the country, Bulawayo offers several opportunities to get a deeper perspective of Zimbabwean history and culture through its friendly Bulawayans, museums, sites, and much more. Take the Sleeper Train to Victoria Falls This train ride ranges...Read moreRead more

Where to Go in Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma is one of my favorite travel destinations in the world. Traveling for a month through this special country coupled with reading many books about it, changed the way I look at politics, multicultural religion, history and even books themselves! Myanmar offers a deep and complex history, friendly and generous people, a diverse culture influenced by its many ethnic groups, a unique geographic location, and breathtaking natural wonders throughout the country. Myanmar is one of the less-visited destinations in South East Asia. As such, travel here can feel more different than its neighbors in terms of transportation, food, local connection, fewer tourist crowds, and many other distinct factors.I started in Yangon because it's one of the easiest and more affordable airports to fly into. As I boarded the plane there, I quickly realized the type of traveler attracted to Myanmar. It wasn't frat boys looking for a beach party or sybarites looking for luxury...Read moreRead more